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Atlanta Eats Wild is a fresh seafood buying club for landlocked folks in Atlanta, GA who want the freshest seafood possible.

We buy directly off the boat from Lummi Island Wild. You SUBSCRIBE TO OUR LIST to receive notices about when to order. Then you order directly from Lummi Island Wild. Lummi ships their fresh catch (frozen on the boat) to us to a central location. Then we all pick it up on the designated day. Details are below and in the email notices that you will receive from us.

You would be very hard pressed to find much fresher seafood in our area. Please visit the Lummi Island Wild website to learn about their sustainable fishing practices and various offerings from salmon to scallops and lots in between.

Individuals as well as local chefs buy with us regularly. All our orders take advantage of buying direct in bulk from the source to get the best prices and the freshest seafood possible.

If you want to split a case with someone we can help you with the split at the pickup. Just let us know. Looking for someone to split with? Join our Facebook page and you will surely find someone.

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Reefnet Sockeye is Running Low, Very Low…

Reefnet Sockeye is Running Low, Very Low…

We are now open so that you have a chance to purchase this amazing Salmon, before it’s gone…

This years Reefnet Sockeye is seriously the most amazing Salmon we have ever had to offer, it’s running at a 22-28% body fat which is basically unheard of in the Sockeye world. 

This means a massive amount of Omega’s and a taste profile that is unrivaled.

There are lots of other great fish, caviar and seafood available to order as well. 

This ORDER will Close Tuesday Morning the 19th.


Fish Questions join us for Reefnet Seafood 101!!!

Feb 18th, 8pm

Well talk about Lummi’s Seafood, Show some Video’s of how reefnet fishing works and why this method produces the highest quality fish and answer any Ordering question yous all might have.

If you want to learn more, join us on a Zoom call.






Ready to Order?  Join the Wholesale Club and Order at:

Pick up Dates:

  • Primary pick up is:  March 2nd 10am-12pmin Tucker.  This should be super easy and fast this time.
    • Tucker Pickup Location:   Nature’s Garden Express 4950 S Royal Atlanta Dr. Unit E, Tucker GA 3008
  • March 2nd-5th Snellville
  • March 4th 1pm Buckhead

Tucker Pickup Location:   Nature’s Garden Express 4950 S Royal Atlanta Dr. Unit E, Tucker GA 3008

To Thank Nature’s Garden Express for the usage of their freezers we offer the following:

  • $5 Donation or Pre-order a box worth at least $10 of food from them.
  • For other Delivery Locations it’s a $15 donation, $5 to NGE and $10 to the driver.

If you have any questions or issues with the new site your order or what to order call I am here to help.  And call or email if you want me to make sure your order came out perfectly before it the ordering period closes.



So whats fresh? 

Well the Pacific Cod have just been delivered to Lummi, you can fry, grill or bake this this lovely fish. Fish and chips anyone?… 

There is also still some Baker Lake Sockeye, Reefnet Coho and Reefnet Keta available.





Saturday MAR 2, 2018 10am – 12pm


Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to our list in order to stay up to date with news, announcements and the next ordering window. You don’t want to miss out! We NEVER SPAM!



Order directly from Lummi Island Wild

  • CREATE an account
  • If the order says “shipping to your house” you are NOT in the right place. Try again or CALL HEATHER 770.367.5298.

A 5% club discount will be applied at the end of the purchase. Shipping is $2.00 a lb.

$10 purchase or $5 donation to NGE for freezer space

We ask that everyone donate $5 or purchase at least $10 worth of something Nature’s Garden Express to thank them for letting us use their freezer space. This allows us to set up a dedicated pick up location and time and keep the fish frozen and in the best possible condition. This is our way of giving them some business in return for their help because we couldn’t do this without them.